“Very stimulating and thought provoking!”  

“Really informative, interesting, and refreshing. Excellent hands-on activities.”

“Excellent!! This is what education should be like.”

“I have learned so much from this evening and will surely encourage my children to think and come up with different ideas each day.”

Parent Feedback

Future -

What is ‘Future-Smart ® for Parents’?

  1. 1. Is your child future-smart?

A 60-90 minute presentation for parents, hosted by your local school or as a lunchtime/evening session in the workplace

‘Future-Smart’ skills - things like persistence, initiative, creativity, problem solving and independent thinking - can be fostered from a very early age and will prepare your child to flourish in the real world.  No matter how good a school is, the home’s influence is tremendously important.

Over the years, I have gathered and developed hundreds of activities and games that parents can slip into an already busy day with very little effort.  At home, over a meal, in the car or when stuck in a queue at the supermarket, with little or no preparation, you can begin to build good habits of thinking which will change the way your child sees the world - and, of course, the way the world sees your child.

“The feedback from parents has ben ‘wow’.  I received about seven emails so far thanking us for the evening.  Your initiative is becoming the ‘glue’ bringing together what we currently do already and highlighting its importance.  You are inspirational, Jane.” Loren Macallister, Shrewsbury House School

“Thank you for your inspirational staff training, and particularly the parents’ seminar last Thursday.  I have had lots of positive feedback and I hope this is something we will be able to repeat again in the future. I would like to thank you for all your support over the last two years.” Douglas Brown, Headteacher, St Joseph’s in the Park


“If my parents had had this goldmine of a book, I’d be a brighter and happier person. Buy it, read it and sprinkle your child’s life with its wisdom.”

Professor Guy Claxton, author of

‘What’s the Point of School?’

How can I find out more?

FREE!  Try the Is your child future-smart.pdf to learn more about your own child

Contact C. J. Simister to discuss holding a presentation or workshop at your child’s school or at your own workplace.  Events can be tailored to suit your context and audience.

C. J. Simister’s second book is for parents.  Find it on Amazon.

  1. 2.The Bright Stuff, by C J Simister

This book, published by Pearson, 2009, offers a treasure trove of imaginative, playful and, above all, fun games and activities which can be used to enhance your child’s extraordinary potential. 

“A practical handbook for parents about encouraging their children to be original and daring - when it makes sense.  Many of those I most admire have few formal qualifications, but do exhibit all the qualities that are the focus of C J Simister’s book.  As a parent and a risk-taker, I applaud her work.” Luke Johnson, entrepreneur and columnist

“This is now my favourite ‘parenting’ book of all time: I’m running out of post it notes! Thanks to @shrewsburyhouse for hosting and therefore putting me on to the fab @future_smart.” Claire Robertson @clairepatella

Parents - please share your ideas on Twitter! @future_smart