“Very stimulating and thought provoking!”  

“Really informative, interesting, and refreshing. Excellent hands-on activities.”

“Excellent!! This is what education should be like.”

“I have learned so much from this evening and will surely encourage my children to think and come up with different ideas each day.”

Parent Feedback

Future -

What is ‘Future-Smart ® for Parents’?

Two things...

1.  A series of holiday activity courses for children, offering them the chance to investigate and develop some of the skills and intellectual qualities that underpin longer-term success.

Courses are currently held in Northwood (NW London) and Winchester and are usually targeted at girls and boys aged 8-11 (Years 4-6).  For more information, contact C J Simister on enquiries@future-smart.com

`”Since attending his first course two years ago in Year 4, my son refuses to miss a single day and holidays have to be arranged around course dates!”  Karin Nash

“Our daughter enjoyed it so much she gave it 5 stars - territory only usually reserved for her favourite pizza.”  Steve Dale

Click here for feedback and scenes from the latest holiday course in Winchester, April 2015

2.  A series of sessions for parents who want to find out how they can change their children’s future.

‘Future-Smart’ skills - things like persistence, initiative, creativity, problem solving and independent thinking - can be fostered from a very early age and will prepare your child to flourish in the real world.  No matter how good a school is, the home’s influence is tremendously important.

Over the years, I have gathered and developed hundreds of activities and games that parents can slip into an already busy day without much extra effort.  At home, over a meal, in the car or when stuck in a queue at the supermarket, with little or no preparation, you can begin to build good habits of thinking which will change the way your child sees the world - and, of course, the way the world sees your child.

Future-Smart ® sessions are informal and friendly. If a course isn’t running at the time of enquiry, they can also be held in the workplace as a series of lunchtime lectures.  The idea is to help parents to become more aware of their child’s natural talents and inhibitions and to equip them with practical strategies to help develop the positive and discourage the negative.  Practical advice for supporting with homework and revision is also offered. 

How can I find out more?

FREE!  Try the Is your child future-smart.pdf to learn more about your own child

Contact C. J. Simister for details, dates and locations of upcoming courses, workplace lectures and Future-Smart® holiday workshops for children.


C. J. Simister’s latest book is for parents.  Find it in good book shops and on Amazon.

“If my parents had had this goldmine of a book, I’d be a brighter and happier person. Buy it, read it and sprinkle your child’s life with its wisdom.”

Professor Guy Claxton, author of

‘What’s the Point of School?’