Receiving the National Association of Gifted Children’s ‘Inspiring Person of the Year’ award.

Below, giving a keynote presentations at the Cambridge International Examinations Schools Conference, Sri Lanka

"As a parent and risk taker, I applaud her work.”  

Luke Johnson, entrepreneur and Financial Times columnist, former Chairman of Channel 4 and the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

An expert in promoting intellectual character and independent thinking, C. J. Simister (known by her middle name, Jane) spent ten years setting up and embedding a highly regarded cognitive development programme at her last school, Northwood College.  This ‘innovative thinking skills programme’ was described by the school’s 2008 inspection report as ‘a major and successful initiative’...(which) ‘makes an outstanding contribution to pupils’ general education.’ The school's 2012 Inspection Report noted that it 'enables the pupils to take greater risks in their learning and to adopt and imaginative, resilient approach to their studies’.

Now a full-time educational consultant, Jane has presented extensively in the UK, as well as in Australia, China, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the UAE.  When supporting schools, she draws from a wealth of practical, hands-on experience, exploring the wide range of innovative techniques that she has gathered and developed over the years.  Her training courses are lively and interactive, while also providing a clear and manageable structure for ongoing development.  

With a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge, Jane is particularly interested in how schools can nurture the skills and qualities that will help young people to flourish in a challenging and increasingly competitive world - dispositions like initiative, resourcefulness, flexibility of mind, an innovative outlook and a healthy attitude to risk.

Alongside this, Jane has extensive knowledge about the particular issues that can sometimes prevent bright girls from achieving their full potential. Her inclusive solution is a framework for intervention that not only supports and stretches the brightest pupils, but also helps all students to broaden and develop their skills.

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