The Bright Stuff (Pearson)

In an exciting, challenging and very competitive world, how can you make sure your children learn those vital life skills that will help them stand out from the crowd and give them the brightest possible future?

Initiative, perseverance, curiosity, independent thought, imagination, individuality, originality, problem solving, risk taking, determination, drive. These ‘hidden secrets’ aren’t always picked up by chance - but research clearly and increasingly shows that they are the qualities that matter. If learnt early, they make a huge difference to a child’s happiness and success while growing up, at school and later in life - at university and beyond.

As parents, there’s so much you can do to help your child develop these characteristics. The Bright Stuff offers a treasure trove of imaginative, playful and above all fun games and activities which can be used to enhance your child’s extraordinary potential. She’ll show you how even making tiny changes to the way you speak to your child can have a powerful impact. It’ll transform the way your child looks at the world – and, at the same time, the way the world will look at your child.

“A superb publication, this pocketbook is just the kind of guide that teachers need to be able to develop character and resilience in their classrooms.  Not just theory, this toolkit is full of practical advice that can make an instant impact in any school.”  

Christopher Hammond, Headmaster, Lyonsdown School

“Nurturing intellectual character is essential in today’s educational climate where mental health is an ever-increasing concern. This Pocketbook brings together related ideas, models and theories using everyday speak to demystify the topic. It’s invaluable in raising questions, informing and providing practical strategies to nurture and grow our young people.”  

Jacky Greenwood, CPD Lead and Associate Assistant Head, Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith

“When reading this book I felt a light bulb moment. This was what we had been talking about as a school but it was knowing where to start and C J Simister certainly helps with this. Her ideas are down to earth and tried and tested.  They help make learning active not sedentary, and they get children thinking to the extent that they will amaze you. This is what learning is about. If you want to teach for life and not for tests, this is the book for you.”  

Elizabeth Hargreaves, Headteacher, Feniscowles Primary School

“I loved this book; it puts character at the heart of education, and offers practical suggestions on how to nurture it in our students.”  

Nicola Walker, Assistant Headteacher, Rainham Mark Grammar School

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“A really excellent resource for parents looking for imaginative ways to illuminate young minds.  I will be using it with my own children.”   Dr Stephen Law, Editor of the journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy

“This is a super book - no sweeping generalisations, easy assumptions or join-the-dot prescriptions, just damn good advice and ideas.”   Dr Barry Hymer, author and educationalist

“If my parents had had this goldmine of a book, I’d be a brighter and happier person. Buy it, read it and sprinkle your child’s life with its wisdom.”  Professor Guy Claxton, University of Winchester

Character, Grit & Resilience Pocketbook

A practical, step-by-step guide for busy teachers keen to find manageable ways to help young people develop those personal and intellectual attributes increasingly recognised as making a direct and significant impact on achievement and wellbeing, both at school and beyond

Drawing together a huge amount of research into pithy, classroom-friendly advice, this Pocketbook explores qualities such as curiosity, initiative, persistence, good judgement, focus and flexibility of mind - with a chapter each for grit and resilience, dispositions often near the top of teachers’ wish lists for their pupils.

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How to Teach Thinking and Learning Skills (SAGE)

"A treasure trove of practical resources to stretch young people’s thinking muscles!”  Professor Guy Claxton, University of Winchester

“It is full of useful ideas for busy teachers and helpful in getting the children rather than the teachers to do the thinking in the classroom.”  Professor Robert Fisher

“This book has made a huge impact on how our girls think and learn right across the school.  It is easy to use and adapt to suit the needs of our girls, with fantastic resources ready to use.  The girls thoroughly enjoy the lessons and are learning vital skills we we previously did not teach in such a well structured and innovative way.”  Emma Champion, Former Deputy Studies, Wimbledon High School for Girls

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Now available in 9 languages, including Arabic and Mandarin