“C. J. Simister is clearly an expert in the subject of independent learning which is dear to the hearts of all of us.  It has been on our School Development Plan for a number of years but at last I feel that we have the tools to move it forward.

Ms Simister delivers her learning with charm and humour.  She is a thorough- going professional who has something that every school needs; she is a consummate teacher and an example to the rest of us.”

Lynne Taylor-Gooby, Headmistress,

The Royal School, Haslemere

A specialist in raising challenge and engagement through the promotion of intellectual character, effective learning and skilful independent thinking,

C. J. Simister is still very much a teacher at heart.

Drawing from her own experience and from the best of international practice, her Future-Smart® approach is deliberately flexible and easy-to-integrate, appealing to teachers across year groups and subject disciplines.  Its goal is to help schools not only achieve the highest possible academic success, but to do so in a way that prepares young people to flourish in the face of challenge, change and opportunity.

“Your sessions... were of extremely high quality and suited our needs tremendously well.  The staff appreciated the avowedly practical thrust of what you said and indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve had more positive comments from them than for any previous INSET session.

Over the last week, I’ve seen much evidence that many of your techniques are already being embraced and I am sure that our pupils are benefitting from them.”

Christopher J Wolsey, Second Master, Ibstock Place School, London

Education Consultancy

“In thirty years of teaching, in both the state and independent sector, I have not come across such a positive reaction as the one my staff gave to Jane Simister’s Thinking Skills INSET.

As in many schools, we have talked, thought and argued about how to develop our pupils’ thinking and independent learning skills, but now we feel we have been shown practical and effective methods to instil them. Jane’s honesty and openness about what she had tried and found did not work, as well as her infectious enthusiasm about what had, were very refreshing. She really did inspire my staff and myself.”

Paul Mitchell, Headmaster, Cobham Hall

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The Future-Smart® model:

Training sessions are packed full of innovative and engaging ideas that teachers immediately want to go away and try for themselves.  Examples are provided across the curriculum and across all age groups.  Full day, half day and twilight sessions can be arranged and courses are frequently adapted to the needs and situation of each particular school.

Alongside this, consultancy sessions can be provided for head teachers and leadership teams seeking to develop an effective and manageable action plan to support the process of change over time.

C J Simister is also available to lead evening presentations for parents.

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  • offers schools a wealth of ideas for fostering and deepening intellectual character - the underlying dispositions and mindset that promote longer-term success and achievement
  • improves the effectiveness of independent and collaborative learning
  • helps young people to develop a more rigorous, skilful and creative approach to thinking.

"Do you have a picture in your minds as to what top global talent looks like?  The skill-set required in the future is dramatically different to the skill-sets we've generated  in the past.  Are you educating candidates for future substitution or are you educating entrepreneurs of the future who can exploit the opportunities that technology brings?"

Jon Symonds, Chairman HSBC